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DUI: Alcohol Absorption Slide Show

Understanding the process of alcohol absorption into the blood stream after consuming the alcoholic beverage.  The process is much longer and more complicated than many people understand.  Remembering, that a DUI is driving while under the influence, and many times people have recently drank before driving home, it stands to reason that we should not convict a person if they were under the legal limit while they were driving the car.  

Another important aspect is the fact that alcohol testing doesn't happen when a person is driving.  Therefore, we have to try and reconstruct what the drivers blood alcohol content was at the time of driving the vehicle.  This task is even more difficult because there are commonly large periods of time between driving and testing of the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) used to try and prove or disprove the alleged offense.

For a better understanding of the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream, view the following slide show.

Absorption of Alcohol Slide Show

Absorption of Alcohol Slide Show

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