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Crimes against Minors | Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

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Crimes against Minors and Children:

There are many types of crimes against minors and children that can fall under this category.  Some are are neglect, abuse, and sexual abuse.  Many of these crimes carry a harsh penalty, and can result in jail and/or prison sentences.  Some require Registration as a sex offender under PC 290.

Charges can range for a corporal injury to a child, for spanking them in a manner that the law has dictated to be too harsh.  Other charges may stem from accidents, naturally occurring injuries that are part of a growing child's rough and tumble play or rooted in the still developing motor skills and ever changing physical abilities of a child.  A simple bruise from falling down may be reported as possible child abuse.

Other charges may be more serious, linked to severe injuries or even death.

Something as simple as chronically truant school age child can cause the parent or guardian to be prosecuted.  Allegations can be fabricated to punish a parent or guardian who the child believes has treated them unfairly.  Raising children is one of he most difficult and rewarding tasks in a person's life.  Raising children in the Central Valley or Fresno County region presents several unique factors.  Fresno is a large city, with all the trappings that come with a city of its size.  Fresno County covers a vast area of rural land, rivers, mountains, agricultural land, and the recreational activities that come with it.  Even the best parents and children undoubtedly have some rough times during the child rearing process.

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