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PC 332 Card-Monte, Trick and Sure Thing Games

(a) Every person who by the game of "three Card Monte," so-called, or any other game, device, slight of hand, pretensions to fortune telling, trick, or other means whatever, by use of cards or other implements or instruments, or while betting on sides or hands of any play or game, fraudulently obtains from another person money, property of any description, shall be punished as in case of larceny of property of like value

(b) For the purposes of this section, "fraudulently obtains" includes, but is not limited to, cheating, including, for example, gaining an unfair advantage for any player in any game through a technique or devise not sanctioned by the rules of the game.

(c) For the purposes of establishing the value of property under this section, poker chips, tokens, or markets have the monetary value assigned to them by the players of the game.

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 Withe fluctuating status of legalized gambling, the uncertain future of Indian Gaming, and the lucrative business of underground card rooms these offenses are more common than people would imagine.  As you see above, they can also lead to criminal allegations.

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