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Fresno Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex Crimes are some of toughest allegations to discuss.  Many times the crime is based on a he-said-she-said basis.  Sometimes medical testimony and exams can be used to bolster both defense and prosecution theories, leaving no scientificly proven theory, and a confused jury who may react on fear that a crime occured or that they may be releasing a violent sexual predator into the public when trying to determine innocence or guilty.  

Fresno has had several high profile sex crime cases that appear to tried in the media long before they reach the courtroom.  Effective use of the media can also help a client, if done properly, to sway public oppinion in their favor.  

Sex crimes can also involve allegations that abuse occured upon child victim, or a school teacher acted inappropriately toward their student.  Many sex allegations are untrue, levied by a supposed victim to punish an ex-boyfriend or gain attention.  Computers, smart phones, and even hidden cameras have been used to deciminate pictures, take pictures, recieve immages, or spy on peple by invading people's privacy.

The following blog provides information on sex crimes, and even information for victims.  It is not intended to provide an legal advice.

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