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An Affordable Criminal Defense attorney who is experienced and aggressive in orchestrating your defense important to helping you avoid being ran over by the criminal prosecution team.

Affordable v. Cheap

Law firms typically have a staff that includes partners, associates, support staff, process servers, and various other human resource expenses.  Expenses also include furniture, computers, tech support, investigation costs, expert witnesses, travel expenses, copy machines, and numerous other expenses that add up.  It is simply put, Criminal Defense Firms run on money.  In our firm, Attorney Fees and Cost Deposits are two different aspects of a contractual agreement.  Fees are exactly that, for he attorneys time to defend you.  Costs can be paper, paralegal time, investigators, experts, and many other related costs that arise during the defense of a criminal case.

Our firm prefers to separate the two.  It is for our clients protection.  We are affordable, and by separating the two items, we remain affordable.  A cheap route would be to write in the contract that the client is responsible for the costs, then not charge a cost deposit.  This leaves the client, possibly, believing the fees will cover everything, only to learn they have to pay more later.  Some cases result in a refund being given of the cost deposit, or he unused portion.  The worst case scenario is when the case needs more funding, none having been collected as a cost deposit, in order to properly investigate, interview witnesses, serve subpoenas, or hire expert witnesses and none is available.  Some attorneys include it in their fees, leaving their discretion as to whether to take money out of their pocket from the fees and hire an investigator.  Too many times they are reluctant to do this, and it results in a defense that lacks a key components necessary for the best possible results.

Can you afford to retain a top criminal defense firm?  The answer may surprise you, you probably can.  Before I was a lawyer, I saw the top names in criminal defense and assumed it would cost $50000, $60,000 or even $100,000 just to retain the attorney for a case.  I was wrong, it can be surprisingly affordable to hire the best criminal defense firms to represent you in your case.

If you choose to retain an attorney, you should not let the price dictate which one you hire.  For an analogy, imagine if you were in need of reliable transportation to get to work and perform normal chores and duties of life.  There is public transportation system, but owning your own vehicle would be more productive and convenient for you.  So you decide to purchase your own vehicle.  You calculate your need based on several factors, such as gas mileage, price, comfort, reliability, and prestige.  Then you look at the local dealerships, small time car lots, and roadside improvised sales areas, craigslist, and the internet.  You find a list of vehicles that fit your needs, and fall within the price range.  Next, you decide which one to buy.  What you would not do, or should not do as the final step is make the decisions based solely upon price.  It would be a horrible mistake to look for the lowest price automobile, absent any other need based factors, and blindly purchase that car.  You may be out the initial money for the automobile, tax, registration, and then have repairs that make ownership of the vehicle not only financially impossible, but also reduce the utility of owning it to a negative value.  The same could happen with a cheap lawyer.

You should determine what your needs are.  Do you need an experienced and reputable homicide attorney, an Expert DUI Attorney, and Attorney with a strong scientific background, or one with specialized legal knowledge.  Then you should make a list of attorneys who seem to fit your specific need.  After that, you should visit each of them, and see which one(s) fit you specific criminal defense needs best.  It is important to find an attorney that you communicate well with.  Then, the final piece of the equation is whether or not you can come to a financial arrangement with that attorney.  You will see that no matter the price, hiring the wrong attorney can be a larger detriment than benefit.

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, Jonathan Rooker has free consultation appointments available for certain offenses.

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Fresno DUI Attorney | Madera DUI Attorney If you've been cited, you need to know what to do next. Help your attorney help you, contact me as soon as possible

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Fresno DUI Lawyer Jonathan Rooker: Fresno area law enforcement agencies have some of the strictest DUI enforcement policies in the Nation. The first decision an officer makes during the DUI enforcement is the decision to stop the vehicle. It may be a driving pattern, maintenance infraction, tinted windows, or other issues the lead the officer to make that decision. The next decision is whether to have the driver exit the vehicle and conduct a DUI investigation. Factors include odor or alcohol, red watery eyes, and slurred speech. Timely stopping, parking, and fumbling with a license or insurance paperwork, all influence the officers decision to continue the investigation. Once outside the vehicle the subject may sway or have trouble following directions. At the conclusion of the third stage, the officer decides if there is probable cause for an arrest. If you are arrested, there are steps you should take on your own behalf. It is important for anyone cited for DUI to contact the DMV within 10 days to preserve their right to an Admin Per Se Hearing in front of a DMV officer. Failure to contact the DMV within 10 days may result in the suspension of your driving privilege. Remember, the officer arrests at probable cause, but it takes proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict. If the officer does their job right, a large percentage of the people should be found not guilty.

Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney: Sometimes good people need help during tough times

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Fresno & Madera Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan Rooker: Domestic Violence (DV) charges, punishments, and your rights is something you need to understand if you've been accused. DV charges can result in a sentence of probation, jail, and/or prison. DV can be charged under various sections including PC 243(E) or the more serious PC 273.5 Felony (DV) accusation. Many convictions result in being sentenced to a 52-week program, referred to as the Batterers Treatment Program (BTP). The right to own, possess, or use a Firearms, a serious issue for many people who grew up in the rural valley hunting, fishing, and target shooting can be lost forever. While Judges routinely advise those convicted of misdemeanor Domestic Violence that they will be prohibited from owning firearms for 10-years, the Federal Government will preclude gun ownership for the remainder of the persons life if they are convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. It is important that the court knows you are a law abiding, upstanding, and productive member of society. Don't let an accusation turn into a lifetime of being stigmatized as a criminal.

"Criminal defense is about helping good people, that is what I do." Jonathan Rooker


Experienced Fresno and Madera County Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker understands the needs of each client are quite unique to each individual client. Some clients are looking to keep their drivers license, others are looking to avoid long periods of incarceration. Many times pride and principles are cited for the client's motivation to achieve a particular resolution to their case. Many clients just want to put their life, family, and career back together. It is the responsibility of the defense attorney to coordinate and effective defense for the benefit of the client. It is essential that I provide the best defense for the individual person and their specifically tailored needs in life. I will help you by building the best defense that the facts allow. One important aspect of hiring a private attorney is the time they spend listening to your needs, and working to obtain an effective resolution under the circumstances. When these problems arise, it's time to reach out for a helping hand. I handle criminal defense cases on a daily basis, helping people with their issues. Let me help you.