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Forensic Use of Blood Splatter in Criminal Defense

Blood Splatter

Fresno DUI Defense Lawyer and ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist talks about the uses of Forensic Science and Blood Splatter in defending clients

Having taken many courses on Forensic Science and Toxicology I have found that having a working knowledge of how to analyze blood splatter may assist in cases where blood and blood splatter are at issue.  

In DUI cases, where there has been an accident and who the driver was in an issue in the case, an analysis of the blood splatter may help prove innocence or be used by the prosecution to prove guilt.  Many times the blood will be found on the air bags, dash, seats, or windows a person crawled out of following an accident.  In some events blood from a passenger could end up on the drivers side due to splatter that may occur flowing an impact or rollover accident which causes blood to move in various directions rather than a uniform direction

Blood splatter is also used in an attempt to recreate how events occurred after a violent crime, assault, or murder.  The direction of splatter and cast off from a weapon or tool can be recreated along with the angle of impact.  This can help show the sequence of events along with position of the perpetrator and victim at the time of the incident.

Retaining an attorney who has a working knowledge of this field of Forensic Science can help you defend yourself against these allegation.

I will continue to post relevant Blood Splatter information and blogs to help with your understanding of the Forensic Science and uses in criminal Defense Cases.

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