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DUI Defense: Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography is the method used to test blood samples in DUI cases.  Chromatography is the separation of molecules, which then group and later exit the column. Collection involves taking a sample of the subjects blood and storing it until testing is available.  The machine used is a chromatograph.   The printout is a chromatogram, which shows what the results are.  The analyst will then interpret the results, and come to a conclusion about the blood alcohol concentration.  Jonathan was trained on Gas Chromatography a Axion Labs in Chicago, the premiere training facility for Chromatography in the Nation.

For more information about Axion Labs and Gas Chromatography click the following link:

Gas Chromatography At Axion Labs

Axion labs has partnered with the American Chemical Society (ACS) to bring this training to Attorneys who want to be at the cutting edge of science in the courtroom.  American Society.  Jonathan is a proud member of ACS, which provides an excellent opportunity to associate with professional scientist who excel in their field. For more information about the ACS, click the link below.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

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