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Information on Assault & Battery

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Assault and Battery:

Practicing Criminal Defense Law in Fresno, Madera, Tulare, and Kings County Jonathan frequently handles cases involving Assaults and/or Battery's. Criminal Assault and Criminal Battery are two separate and distinct crimes, that can be prosecuted.  Every assault, does not end with a battery.  An assault can be as simple as an attempted battery.  An example would be throwing a baseball at a person, but missing.  If the baseball hits the person, it becomes a battery.

There are many types of assaults and battery's, that vary greatly depending on the circumstances, injuries, method of inflicting, and even the age of the individual being assaulted or battered.  For more specific assaults and battery's, please view the sub-pages with detailed explanations and Penal Code headings.

There are many repercussions of a conviction.  Family and friends finding out can be embarrassing.  In the age of digital background checks current and future employers can easily learn of the conviction, arrest, citation, and/or charges. With the easy access online of public records, it can even negatively effect you chances in future relationships, with an unfavorable conviction it could scare off potential romantic partners, even though they don't have all the facts.  For sound advice on how to proceed with an accusation of Assault and/or Battery, call Fresno Criminal Defense attorney Jonathan Rooker for a free consultation on you case:

Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence Attorney Jonathan Rooker hears several questions regarding Assault, Battery, and Domestic Violence charges and accusation on a regular basis.  He is highly qualified Assault, Battery, and Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney who can evaluate your case, and allow your to make informed decisions on how to move forward defending yourself against accusations, criminal charges, and pending allegations.

  1. How will an Assault and/or Battery charge affect my right to own firearms?
  2. What if I want to keep hunting after I've been accused of Assault and/or Battery?
  3. Is there a difference between a Domestic Violence conviction and a simple assault or simple battery conviction?
  4. I'm accused of beating my ex-girlfriend, is this domestic violence even if we don't date, live together anymore?
  5. I'me accused of hitting my the baby's mother or baby's father, is this still a domestic violence charge?
  6. My wife (or other victim) wants to drop the charges, will the District Attorney still prosecute me?
  7. The DA charged me with beating causing injury to my spouse, will I go to jail?

See PC 245 Assault with a Deadly Weapon

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