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Information about Criminal Defense Attorney Fees and costs

Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney & DUI Lawyer discusses Fees and Costs and the difference between them along with why a cost deposit is important to a criminal defense case.

How much will an attorney cost and why?

These are normal and important questions that almost every client and attorney has to and should discuss prior to entering into a contractual agreement for representation.

The agriculture based economy of the Fresno County and the sorrounding communities isn't what it once was.  Many items and services are greatly reduced in price from what they once were.  That said, Criminal Defense fees are based upon the needs of the individual accused of a crime, and the hours that may be needed to provide for their crmianl defense needs.  The higher end criminal defense firms will usually cost more, but are still surprisingly affordable.  We have method of providing services to our clients and remaining affordable.  We separate the Attorney Fees from the Case Costs.  Many times a low level felony may cost, for an example $8,500 and the costs deposit at estimated at the time of the retainer agreement  may be $1,500.  This goes toward investigation, paralegal time, and expenses such as mileage and is refundable if it is not used.  This provides our firm with the necessary resources to be used to mount a top quality defense to the charges against our client.

Many firms do not charge a cost deposit up front.  This means that they will either have to take the costs out of their fees, which many cause an internal conflict as t whether to actually hire an investigator or spend the necessary resources to obtain the best defense, or they will have to call back and ask for more money that may not have been contemplated at the time of the agreement.  Many people do not have the extra money waiting for the necessary expenses, often time set back by bail, missed work, and attorney fees, their defense may suffer.

 We take pride in our reputation and quality of work, and feel it is important to secure the resources necessary to mount a quality defense to the accusations at the outset, rather than hope they become available during the course of time.  That is only one of the benefits to working with a quality, established defense firm.

Madera DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney:

Will it cost more to handle my case in Madera County? 

No, Jonathan routinely handles cases in Madera County, and it is a short drive to Madera from the office.  Due to the number of cases, the ability to set court dates on the same day, and an efficient calendaring system for cases, Jonathan can easily defend criminal allegation in Madera as well.

Will Jonathan help with my case in Tulare County (Visalia Court)?

Yes, Jonathan brings his expertise and criminal defense skills with him in multiple counties.  The Central Valley has several courts within a short drive of Jonathan's office, so he can easily and efficiently handle cases in Tulare County.

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