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DUI Lawyers often hear that rich people or stars get off easy when they are accused of DUI.  I've heard a Fresno / Clovis area DUI convict state that he doesn't see any rich people in DUI class.  While being able to afford the best DUI Lawyer in Fresno or appropriate jurisdiction can help you defend against DUI Accusations, it is no guarantee.  Even have national celebrity status may not be enough to avoid charges.

In the spotlight in today's blog is Chile's star midfielder on the National Soccer team.  After having crashed his Ferarri while driving under the influence he was rude to the DUI Enforcement Officer.  However, Arturo Vidal appologized in court after entering a plea of guilty.

In Fresno DUI cases I have seen many reports that show the alleged DUI Driver was rude to officers, or uncooperative.  At times the District Attorney will factor this in when deciding what to offer, or not offer.  It can also be mentioned during sentencing, which could cause the hand down a harsher sentence.

However, I have also viewed many MVAR Video recordings from officers' dash cameras, and viewed many officers who were not the friendliest to their subjects.  Many times it can be something as simple as not agreeing to provide a breath sample, asking for blood tests, or even deciding not to perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  All within the right of the suspected impaired driver, however, many times it will illicit the exact behavior that is complained about or used to increase the punishment.

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