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Felony Domestic Violence: Client was charged with Felony Domestic Violence under Penal Code Section 273.5.  The facts and situation was quite adverse, and their were multiple prior allegations of Domestic Violence.  Jonathan was able to negotiate a solution that did not involve any actual custody time to be served.  The felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor upon completion of Batter's Treatment Program.

This family situation was very unique, and taking the father from his children or the sole provider from his household would have caused extremely serious repercussions upon the whole family.  The client was extremely happy with the results, as were other members of the family including the alleged victim.

There is more that goes into practicing law than just what happens in court.  There are people and lives involved and intertwined within a family system, work environment, and social network that influences the right decisions to be made.  Jonathan was able negotiate a settlement for the betterment of his client, which also allowed the client to keep his employment, provide for his wife an children, and better his family situation for himself and all involved.

Sometimes helping a client helps an entire family.  It is a rewarding situation when an entire family benefits from my work on a case.  The results of my cases are more than just a piece of paper, they are feeling of a job well done, a result that benefits real people in their journey through life.

June 28, 2017:  Client cares for his wife, who has certain issues with mental health.  He was incorrectly charged with Domestic Violence, and restrained from being near her.  After about a month, where Jonathan Represented the Husband, the case was dismissed today.

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PC 273.5 Felony Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

PC 243 Domestic Violence Misdemeanor

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