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Honey Oil charges dismissed

Charged with two felony counts

Ct I: Health and Safety Code 11359 Possession of Marijuana for Sale- Felony

Ct 2:H & S Code 11357(a) Felony Possession of Concentrated Cannabis

After having bee arrested for possession of "Honey Oil" for sale and possession of multiple pounds of Marijuana, all charges were dismissed against my client this morning in Fresno County Superior Court.  The case had lasted for several months, and required multiple witness interviews, court appearances, and extensive work by our experienced private investigator to provide the District Attorneys office with the needed information to dismiss this case.  Mr. Rooker worked quite well with the District Attorney who was seeking justice, to come to the conclusion that a dismissal of the charges against our client was in order.  The District Attorney diligently reviewed the information provided by our defense team and as of the last court appearance is seeking justice and will be prosecuting the truly guilty party rather than our client.  In fairness, the Deputy District Attorney being hard working and highly professional in her pursuits of justice is also to be commended for her work toward prosecuting the right person in this case.

The individual involved in this case is a good person who has been through some hard times, but was not guilty of the offense that she was charged with. Honey oil and vaporizers continue to be a legal concern of law enforcement and society in the central valley.  Attorney Rooker has had success on this case and in past cases when dealing with Honey Oil cases.  Honey Oil being a form of concentrated cannabis which is increasingly present in the agriculture based Central Valley region.

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