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Selma Criminal Defense Attorney | Selma DUI Attorney  

Selma California is a small city south of Bakersfield, but sits neatly beside Freeway 99 and intersects with Highway 43.  Selma, like any other city tends to have some problems.  Gangs, car theft, burglarly, DUI / Drunk Driving, Domestic Violence and even more serious crimes like sexual assault occur on occasion. However, when a crime does occur, or is alleged it spreads quickly and shakes the small city as if it was a tiny small town community.  

When notable events happen in Selma, such as a recent triple fatality DUI accident, the city as a whole is affect.  On Criminal related matters, I blog about some of the more notable events.  The crime trends, DUI, theft, and violent crimes are all covered.

As a DUI Defense Attorney I have noticed several recent DUI related news articles in the Selma area.  They range from DUI fatality accidents to officers being honored for arresting DUI suspects.  If you have been arrested or accused of DUI in Selma I can help.  

Selma residents can hire an attorney who has worked in Selma, lives in the area, and is familiar with the unique country / city combination environment that comprises the greater Selma area.  I am the premiere ACS-CHAL Lawyer Scientist in the Fresno area, and I may be able to help you with your criminal defense and DUI Defense needs.

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