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Fresno Lawyer discusses "Making a Murderer" conviction being overturned


Making a Murderer Homicide Conviction Overturned

Brendan Dassey may go home soon

After spending years of his young life in prison for an alleged murder that he may know nothing about.  The Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer" chronicles the Steven Avery saga.  Once falsely convicted of a rape charge, he was later found to be innocent of, Mr. Avery was set free after spending a majority of his life in prison, for a crime he knew he didn't commit.  

Once free, he filed a lawsuit against the county, with strong proof that he was framed by certain members of the law enforcement and prosecution team.  The key to the new murder conviction was certain evidence allegedly found at his home, and mostly the statements by his nephew Brendan Dassey.  However, there is strong evidence that his statements were not only untrue, but provided to him and coerced back out of him to help convict Avery.

While a majority of my practice is DUI related, I am a criminal defense attorney who practices in Fresno.   I utilize science to help my clients defend DUI and other criminal defense cases.  Forensics is important in most crime allegations.  There are several aspects of Dassey's confession that strike a cord with me as to whether they are likely to be true when analyzed from a forensic standpoint.  

The lack of forensic proof of a gun shot occurring and killing the victim in Avery's garage, lack of DNA and Serology from Avery's home, and blood on the victims car are all inconsistent with Dassey's confession or at "best" fail to provide forensic support that would be expected if those events occurred.

For more on the criminal prosecution, overturning of the conviction, and the Making a Murderer fallout, follow the link below.

Making a Murderer case: Homicide conviction overturned

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