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Felony DUI Accident with Police Car|Best DUI Defense Attorney In Fresno

Fresno DUI News: Fresno Police Car Struck by Alleged Drunk Driver

| Felony DUI Allegation in Fresno

An alleged DUI Driver collided with a police patrol vehicle when the officers where leaving an apartment complex to respond to a call.  The driver was pinned in the patrol vehicle, but the passenger was able to exit the vehicle and make an arrest of the driver of the truck that struck the vehicle.  It isn't clear how the accident occurred, but it seems the officers had pulled out of the complex, and were then broadsided.  It is also not clear whether the driver had violated any vehicle codes which led to the accident.  I am curious to see of the alleged drunk driver was actually drunk, and if so, whether he was the cause of the accident. Felony DUI is a serious allegation and great bodily injury enhancement could result in a lengthy prison stay.  

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