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Co-Defendant PC 242 battery DISMISSED

December 2014:  Jonathan represented two brothers who were accused of battering a victim causing a broken eye orbital.  There were many concerns for the clients from the beginning.  A case where injuries such as a broken eye orbital are present can result in a felony case being filed, and may even include an enhancement for great bodily injury.  The clients were young adults who had not previous criminal record, but a bright future including military service.  A conviction of this offense could significantly hinder their future.

Jonathan was able to discuss the case with the prosecution and point out how the misunderstanding occurred.  Understanding that due to the injuries it was still a difficult case, but due to the positive character of the co-defendants, hard work by Jonathan Rooker along with very insightful Deputy District Attorney who was willing to look beyond the police report the case was dismissed, with no further charges.

This result was the right result for the clients and the community.  Two young men who would have had their futures substantially impaired and further difficulties stemming from any conviction resulting from what was alleged to be a violent crime.

Cases Dismissed.  And a family able to enjoy the holidays without worrying about pending criminal charges, jail time, or trial.

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