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DUI Expert Witness

Fresno area Defense Attorneys routine represent their clients at the Fresno DMV Drivers Safety office. DMV Hearing for an Admin Per Se DMV hearings for accusations of Drunk Driving (DUI) are routine for most DUI Defense Attorneys.  However, testifying as an expert witness on Forensic Toxicology is a rare event, that requires the individuals to be qualified as an expert.  Today, the hearing officer stipulated that I was an expert based on knowing my qualifications.

The subject has two diffent readings that varried more than would be expected. This lead the attorney, a skilled and qualified practitioner of Criminal Defense to the issues, and properly question me on why this may have occured.  The hearing officer appeared to understand why the client was actually below the legal limit at the time of opperating the motor vehicle.

DUI Defense and Expert witness qualification are rare, Jonathan Rooker is one of the few who has the expertise to do both.

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