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DMV WIN! | Fresno Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney wins a set aside for his client at the DMV Admin Per Se Hearing

DUI's are common in Fresno: Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker recently won a DMV hearing where the client was seen driving the vehicle, pulled over, and registered .19/.22 BAC.

Winning a DMV Set Aside on a DUI .08+BAC case is never easy.  When the Blood Alcohol Content is measured at nearly 3 times the legal limit it is tougher.  This is a good win, one Fresno DUI Lawyer Jonathan Rooker is very proud of.  (April 2014)

Practicing Criminal Defense in Fresno California necessitates having a strong understanding of DUI's, it is too important to neglect.  The DMV DUI Practice is important as well.  When client has a defense at the DMV it is important that the DUI Attorney be able to find the flaw in the case, and articulate why the Defendant should not lose his/her license.  On this occasion it is exactly that set of facts that helped Fresno DUI Attorney Jonathan Rooker win a set aside of the action against the client's license by the DMV when the evidence did not show the necessary facts to uphold the action.

October of 2015:  Fresno DUI defense attorney Jonathan Rooker defended his client at the DMV for a high blood alcohol over twice the legal limit and cocaine in his system.   I was just notified that the DMV held in my clients favor, and set aside the DUI action against my clients license.

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