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Not Held to Answer on Attempted Murder charges with a gun and gang enhancement in Tulare County| Fresno Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney

FRESNO CRIMINAL DEFENSE & DUI ATTORNEY WINS Preliminary Hearing in Tulare County!


ATTEMPTED MURDER with GUN and GANG enhancements:

Attorney Jonathan Rooker recently (Early July of 2014) defended a young man on charges of Attempted Murder, gang & gun enhancements.  At the conclusion of the hearing he Judge agreed with Jonathan that the prosecutions case lacked merit necessary to hold the defendant to answer at trial for the accusation for which they District Attorney had charged him. The client was released that day, home with his family.

Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan Rooker's scientific background combined with his country boy based common sense to help secure a NOT HELD TO ANSWER result in a lengthy co-defendant gang attempted homicide charge that had unjustly kept his client locked in a county jail for several months.  The level of proof to hold a defendant over for trial is extremely low, but Jonathan mounted a rare but extremely effective affirmative defense at the preliminary hearing.  Preliminary hearings commonly last several minutes, with only a small percentage ever taking a full hour. Jonathan battled until the mid afternoon putting for large volumes of evidence and testimony that helped obtain the best possible result for his client.  With sharp and effective cross examination of multiple officers, providing multiple witnesses, and still avoiding any risk by keeping his client off the stand.  Winning a preliminary hearing is a tough task, but Jonathan succeeded, in time for his client to be home with his family for the fourth of July.  Freedom and liberty on our countries birthday.  Justice was served.

Attorney Jonathan Rooker personally went to the victims home to interview him about the Attempted Homicide which his client was accused of committing the offense against.  As Criminal Defense Attorney he understands the importance of gathering the evidence to show his client was innocent of the crime.  At times it appeared as if the prosecutor was protecting the individual who actually committed the offense. The prosecutor actually objected to an in court identification by the victim when presented to the court by Defense Lawyer Jonathan Rooker at the Preliminary Hearing.  Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker continued his defense by calling several witnesses on behalf of the defendant, who provided a rock solid alibi of his whereabouts at the time of the shooting.

Jonathan continues to provide expert assistance on an as needed basis to Public Defenders and Private Attorneys.  He was qualified as an expert in a DUI hearing, and testified as an expert regarding the needed evidence in a DUI Blood Case.

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