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Fresno DUI Defense Lawyer Jonathan Rooker traveled to the University of Florida to take his final examination for his Forensic Toxicology Masters of Science Degree in July 2015.  Having passed his finals, he is expecting to receive his degree in the mail in the next several weeks.

How can hiring a lawyer with a Forensic Toxicology Masters Degree help with your Fresno DUI?

Alcohol is a toxic substance.  Toxicology deals with the effects of toxic substances in the body.  Forensics is the science of gathering and analyzing information about the past.  For DUI legal purposes, the Per Se or .08% blood alcohol content DUI charge relates to the time of driving.  People don't give blood or breath evidence at the actual time of driving.  Title 17 governs breath alcohol tests in California.  Title 17 requires a 15 minute observation period prior to a breath test.  Therefore, there is over 15 minutes between the time of driving and a Title 17 approved breath test.  Blood tests sometimes are taken hours from the actual driving.  Therefore, the prosecution will try to establish a BAC at the time of driving to satisfy the Vehicle Code definition of .08% BAC at the time the driver was operating the vehicle.  

Having superior knowledge of Toxicology is one tool Jonathan uses as he strives to be Fresno's best DUI Lawyer.

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