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Man Severs Lawyer's Penis and Flushes it Down the Toilet

Fresno DUI & Criminal Defense:  ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist
Fresno DUI & Criminal Defense: ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist

Fresno DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan Rooker weighs in on recent accusation that a man severed a romantic rivals penis and flushed it down the toilet.  It appears the a former boxer in Japan believed his wife was cheating with a Lawyer.  The angry lover, a former boxer, entered the lawyer's office and punched him several times.  Following the initial assault, the man pulled the attorney's pants down, and used garden sheers to sever his penis.  Following this mayhem, and assuring that the member would not be reattached, the severed penis was flushed down the toilet.

I have read about severed penis situations in the past, the most notable being the Lorena Bobbitt - John Wayne Bobbitt incident decades ago, where Mr. Bobbitt's penis was reattached, and he even stared in a porn movie, but never one like this.  Angry lovers, rape victims, murder, and even self mutilation have lead to this incidents, but an angry spouse suspecting an affair with the victim is a first.

There are different kinds of defense in different cases, for example a DUI where a person may not have been intoxicated at the time they were driving.  A battery, a person may have felt they deserved to be battered or it was mutual combat, at the least a mitigating factor of the victim saying or doing something that would anger or antagonize the defendant.  In this case, using garden shears to sever a penis and flushing it, gonna be hard to defend.

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Fox News: Jealous husband severs lawyer's penis, flushes it down the toilet.

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