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Alleged DUI Fatality Live Streamed

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Alleged DUI driver live streams the aftermath of a fatal accident that killed her 14 year old sister on Instagram

      Watching a video that shows a dead or dying 14 year old girl will cause some pretty strong emotional reactions from people.  Alleging, even absent any chemical test results.  Before we allow the strong emotional reaction that accompanies the odd behavior following a traumatic accident, we should question if the facts are present.  It may end up being an actual DUI, but before we conclude that, we need to see proof.

     The young lady who was driving, the sister of the deceased, expresses her love for her sister, and that it is the last thing she wanted to happen.  The fact that they were driving around, and happy, right before the accident supports that she was just showing her soon to be 15 year old sister a good time, youthful indiscretions occur.  She can also be heard saying she doesn't care.  This was after saying she was gong to spend the rest of her life in jail.  Many people are interpreting it as she doesn't care her sister is dead, but a more careful interpretation may show that she doesn't care that she may spend the rest of her life in jail, because it is insignificant compared to the loss of her sister and the pain she is feeling.  

    It is easy to case stones at the young lady for live streaming herself driving, which does violate some vehicle codes, and is an obvious risk.  Perhaps, the video streaming caused the accident, and the driver has an odd reaction based upon traumatic injury or event that had just occurred.  We also must accept that people walk around with their phones in their faces, using them for social media and every other conceivable possibility for which they may be used, but that is today's digital age.  The younger the person, the more invested in the digital world they are.  We may have adapted to the new technology, but they were born into it.

Alleged DUI Fatality Live Streamed on Instagram

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