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DUI Crash Fatality: Victims Family forgives driver

Fresno DUI Fatality Accident:  As an attorney, I try to keep up with current events in Fresno Criminal and DUI Defense law.  of the stories that  I read and share involve people being arrested, or defending people against Criminal and DUI charges in court and occasionally in the media.  However there are tragic incidents that occur in life, that can include an inspirational story of the human spirit and forgiveness of the person who caused the tragedy.  

This story involved the death of a young lady when an alleged DUI driver.  A young nurse, only 23-years old was killed.  A passenger in the alleged DUI driver's vehicle was also killed.  However, the father of the victim wants some good to come from this incident, "I just want to challenge people to forgive Hector for this. He is going to have to pay the consequences for what he did, but in honor of my daughter I just want something good to come out of this," said Doug Griffin.

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