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PC 212.5(a) Robbery 1st Degree | Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

Penal Code Section 212.5(a) is Felony 1st Degree Robbery.

This is a very serious strike offense with extremely serious repercussions if a conviction occurs.  The possibly sentences for Robbery in the First Degree include: 3 year mitigated term, a 4 year mid-term, and a 6 year aggravated term. This offense is deemed a strike, can be a 3rd Strike, and is a both violent and serious according to the penal code designation's

PC 212.5 First or Second Degree Robbery

PC 212.5(a) Every robbery of any person who is performing his or her duties as an operator of any bus, taxicab, cable car, streetcar, trackless trolley, or other vehicle, including a vehicle operated on stationary rails or on a track or rail suspended in the air, and used for the transportation of persons for hire, every robbery of any passenger which is perpetrated on any of these vehicles, and every robbery which is perpetrated in an inhabited dwelling house, a vessel as defined in Section 21 of the harbors and navigation Code which is inhabited and designed for habitation, an inhabited floating home as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 18075.55 of the health and safety code, a trailer coach as defined in the Vehicle code which is inhabited, or the inhabited portion of any other building is robbery of the first degree.

PC 212.5(b) Every robbery of any person while using an automated teller machine or immediately after the person has used an automated teller machine and is in the vicinity of the automated teller machine is robbery of the first degree.

PC 212.5(c) All kinds of robbery other than those listed in subdivisions (a) and (b) are of the second degree.

If you have been cited, arrested, charged, or indicted for the offense of Robbery, you should consider reviewing your case with an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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