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DUI & the SR-22 Proof of Insurance

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As a defense attorney whose practice consists of many DUI Clients, I feel it is my obligation and responsibility to provide help to my clients both in court and outside of court on DUI related matters. Helping people put their lives back together, and be able to move forward in a positive manner is important.  Once of the services I provided is information on how to proceed with getting you drivers license back after a DUI suspension.  While many people choose to use their own insurance to file and SR-22 form with the DMV as proof of insurance following a DUI related license suspension, others choose different routes. I have provided a link to several insurance companies that specialize in DUI License assistance with SR-22 forms.

When a client has lost their license due to a DUI, they are required to file a proof of insurance with the DMV for three years thereafter.  This is known as an "SR-22 Proof of Insurance" and will need to stay on file with the DMV for three years.  Many times this is how your insurance provider is notified of your conviction, suspension, or administrative action against your driving privilege.  This will trigger a rate increase with your insurance provider.  Some people take an alternative route by providing the SR-22 through a separate supplemental policy, which will help them both restore their driving privilege, satisfying the DMV requirements, and avoid telling on themselves to their current provider.  As a courtesy to my friends and clients I provide a link to three such service providers who specializes in exactly this service.  For more information, click the link below:

Breath Easy Insurance & SR-22 Provider

John McDonald Insruance

 JHS Insurance

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