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Forensic Principles of DUI-Drug III


Jonathan attended and completed a course regarding the pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokenetics of drugs in the body while in Chicago at Axion Laboratories Forensic Principles of DUID Graduates, where Jonathan became the 6th graduate of the course praciticeing law in California.

The course included classroom instruction of the proper procedures for testing and derivitazing samples for Gas Chromatogrpahy, Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectra Analysis.  The instructors were Lee N. Police, Ph.D., who runs Axion Laboratories, and has a degree in Chromatography.  A second instruction, specializing in the internal action of the drugs involved and their potential effects on the human who ingested the drug.

There was an extensive classroom review of the data used by the prosecution to persuade the jury that the driver was impaired due to the ingestion of the substance.  

There were several hands on laboratory exercises that taught us the proper method, and potential errors in the testing procedures.  The American Chemical Society is the certifying organization.

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