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Fresno DUI Attorney Fact Sheet

Top Fresno County DUI Attorney:  Defending DUI and BUI Charges in Fresno County, Kings County, Madera County, and Tulare County.

Have you been arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence in Fresno, California?  If so, you need the best DUI Defense Lawyer to assist you with reviewing your DUI case and advising you on how to proceed.  Having your constitutional rights explained to you, and assisting you with any effort to avoid a criminal conviction or receive the best possible outcome is important.  Jonathan Rooker is a Top Rated DUI Defense Lawyer, who uses education, dedication, and experience to help his clients.  Jonathan has the knowledge and skill to aggressively attack blood test results and force the prosecution to prove their case if they want to win.

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What is involved in a Fresno DUI arrest?

Each set of circumstances is unique to the case, literally, no two cases are exactly the same.  In Fresno, a DUI arrest may involve one of the following situations:

  • A DUI Sting Operation:   A sting operation occurs when the Fresno police send officers or decoys into a drinking establishment to see who is intoxicated or impaired, then signal officers outside the establishment to detain the drivers as they begin driving their vehicles.  Many times the Fresno Police have actually waited until the vehicle drove on a public roadway, found probable cause to stop the vehicle, but in the process allowed a person to drive in order to get the coveted DUI arrest.
  • Once the vehicle is stopped, the officer will approach the vehicle, and ask for registration and license from the driver.  The officer will almost always report that they observed slurred or thick and heavy speech, red watery eyes, and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage.
  • The officer will then ask the driver to exit the vehicle and perform Field Sobriety Tests to determine if the driver is impaired.
  • The officer will often cite the totality of the circumstances for the arrest.  This includes driving, in person observations, FST's, and answers to the DUI related questions that are often used by the prosecution in DUI trials.
  • Finally, if the person is arrested, they will have the choice of a blood or breath test to determine their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). 

What is a DUI?

  •  The first an most common form of an alcohol related DUI is the .08% by weight DUI.  This is when a person's blood alcohol content is equal to or greater than .08% BAC.  This is known as the Per Se charge of DUI.
  • Another charge may be the .05% or greater DUI with alcohol, this is an impaired driving, where the impairment is not assumed by concentration of alcohol in the blood, but must be proved by other facts such as FST's and/or Driving along with other factors.
  • The final is the DUI-Drug charge.  It is a charge that a person was impaired by drugs while operating a motor vehicle.  This charge is similar to the .05% BAC in the fact that the prosecution must prove the impairment, it isn't assumed.

Why hire the Best Fresno DUI Defense Lawyer to assist you with your DUI?

A Fresno DUI Attorney can assist you with every aspect of your DUI arrest.  There are important factors such as calling the DMV to schedule a review of your CDL Admin Per Se Suspension within Ten (10) Days of your arrest.  We will ask the DMV to stay the suspension of your CDL until a review hearing and decision is rendered on your case.  This may allow you to drive during the interim while the review is pending. 

A DUI Attorney who has been properly trained on the science of Blood Alcohol, Testing procedure, Adsorption, Distribution, and elimination of alcohol may be able to show you were (case specific) under the Per Se .08% BAC limit at the time your were operating a motor vehicle.   Other times, you may not have even been operating a motor vehicle prior to your arrest.  Many people will drive to a location, drink, and sleep in their cars.  If this is the situation, you may have a solid defense to your DUI accusation while will allow you to prevail on the merits at the DMV and in Court.

The DMV requirements can be quite complicated.  There are different processes involved for DUI classes, SR-22, Ignition Interlock devices, and a host of other issues you may need assistance navigating.  An experienced DUI Attorney can assist you with many aspects of DUI law, DMV issues, and re-licensing issues. 

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Fresno ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist to help with your DUI
Fresno ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist to help with your DUI

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