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Posted by Jonathan Rooker | Dec 08, 2017 | 0 Comments

 Stalking, Domestic Violence, and Murder

Many times the most serious violent crimes are precluded by less serious crimes, abnormal behavior, or general erratic behavior.  Fresno, like most cities has seen its share of these incidents.  One incident that stands our as displaying the classic traits of an escalating level of seriousness of criminal behavior was a double murder committed in the Fresno area.

Fresno Domestic Violence Attorney
Domestic Violence Court: The Hidden Costs of a DV Charge

This perpetrator was, like many, known to the victims, in fact it was one of the victims' ex-boyfriend.  It appears the crimes started with an abusive relationship, when the victim left the relationship, the behavior escalated.  Many times this behavior is control based, with the abuser exerting control over the victim.

The family didn't believe it would come to this.  Many times he would bang on the windows or doors, but then leave when told to go away. The abuser had a history of violence toward women dating back almost a quarter of a century.

Finally, the ex-boyfriend reached the ultimate level of violence, he killed his ex-girlfriend and her mother.

The victim's family hopes to raise awareness of domestic violence (DV) and the potential violence that can occur.

There is also another aspect of this type of crime that should be brought up as well.  Very few of these situations escalate to this level.  In fact, it is only the rarest occasions that homicide takes place.  However, with the courts “erroring on the side of caution” many un-deserving relationships that have a few bumps or a one-time low level incident are torn apart by the courts issuing restraining orders, keeping families apart, or otherwise destroying relationships, due to the fear of exactly this type of incident.

Domestic Violence defendants many times remind me of DUI clients.  They occur across social, economic, and racial populations, many times it's a misunderstanding where police take a report during the heat of an argument where hurt feelings and emotions dictate what is said, then courts many times treat it as if it must be true.

If you need to be defended against allegations of Domestic Violence (DV) and you're afraid of having your family and/or relationship torn apart by the judicial system.  Restraining orders can keep the restrained person (defendant) from contacting the alleged victim, going near their work or home.  Simple chores that were shared such as picking up the children from school, dropping them off at after school activities, or watching them perform sporting activities can be greatly interfered with.  Imagine being unable to watch your children play sports because you are restrained from being near your spouse of 20 years, who will be present at the game?

However, and experienced Fresno Criminal Defense attorney can help you with your Domestic Violence allegations, defend you against accusations, and help your convey your side of the story to the courts in a rational means.

Fresno Criminal Defense & DUI Defense Talks about Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Murder

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