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Jonathan Rooker

Fresno Criminal DUI Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker is devoted to fighting for and defending DUI clients in their time of need.  He will apply his knowledge of the Forensic Toxicolgy the pharmacokinetics of alcohol along with his legal knowledge to assist you defend against allegations of DUI and court and at the DMV.  A DUI conviction may have long term and far reaching consequences.  In additional to fines and a loss of liberty a conviction may cost you future employment opportunities, professional licensing opportunities, and many other negative consequences.

Quality and Effective representation by an experienced and educated DUI Defense Attorney is important for the best results in your case. Facing a criminal justice system with unlimited resources alone can seriously jeopardize your case, freedom, liberty, and future.  The final outcome of your case is dependent on the quality and skill of your Fresno DUI Attorney.  Aggressive, educated, experienced, and creative defenses to your allegations help you garner and effective resolution that allow youre best opportunity to avoid a conviction.  Jonathan Rooker has achieved effective resolutions and numerous successes in his law career.    It is important to contact Jonathan Rooker as soon as possible so he can begin evaluating your case and preparing a defense.

Jonathan is prepared to aggressively challenge the evidence using his scientific education which is unique in the field,  to help you.   Experienced DMV Defense Attorney An arrest for driving under the influence will lead to an automatic suspension of your California Drivers License and you driving privilege.  Defending DMV Admin Per Se DUI clients at a DMV hearing has become routine for Jonathan.

Specific Education on DUI Law, science, and fat is important when defending DUI cases.  Jonathan Rooker has experience attacking the prosecutions cases and the evidence brought against you.  Jonathan is one of very few attorneys who has taken an American Chemical Society course on Gas Chromatography and is nearing completion (Exp Graduation Date 2014) of his MS in Forensic Toxicology.  This scientific knowledge will help Jonathan identify areas of you case from which he can attack the prosecution's evidence and theories from a scientific perspective that few other lawyers understand.  More serious accusations of FELONY DUI offer include Hospital Blood Draws and testing of a defendant's blood.  Make sure any attorney you hire is qualified to attack blood, or gas chromatography results by using science and education to defend you. Jonathan is an affordable attorney, but not the cheapest.  He is the attorney you need when you want the best.  Jonathan has testified as an expert in Fresno County DMV hearing regarding a drivers license suspension hearing.

Another common Question: How much will it cost me if I get a DUI?

The Hanford Sentinel in Kings County recently answered that question in an article they printed that is reproduced below in part below:

What is the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of DUI?

Most of the time people think of being placed in handcuffs, put in the rear of a patrol vehicle, spending the night in jail and paying a bunch of money in court fines and fees. This is completely accurate; however it is just touching the surface.  Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both will cost you somewhere around $13,500 (according to the Automobile Club of Southern California) for a first time offense.  Of course this can vary depending on the county, as well as the insurance company you use, however this amount is an average.  What could be worse than paying that much for a DUI? Killing innocent people is much worse.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2012 (the most current statistics available) 33,561 people were killed in traffic collisions.  A staggering 10,332 people were killed in DUI related crashes which were completely preventable. If the DUI driver survives, it won't be a mere $13,500 they will have to worry about. They will likely be charged with murder.   People v. Watson was an important court decision which set the foundation to substantiate a second degree murder charge for anyone who, as a result of driving under the influence, takes another's life.  If a lengthy prison sentence isn't punishment enough. . . .

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Jonathan Rooker can help you, when you need it most. The road to justice may sometimes be a long road, but it is a worth fighting for. Don't try to handle a criminal allegation without first consulting and educated experienced attorney to see if they can help and/or advise you on the best defense.

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"Criminal defense is about helping good people, that is what I do." Jonathan Rooker

Experienced Fresno and Madera County Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker understands the needs of each client are quite unique to each individual client. Some clients are looking to keep their drivers license, others are looking to avoid long periods of incarceration. Many times pride and principles are cited for the client's motivation to achieve a particular resolution to their case. Many clients just want to put their life, family, and career back together. It is the responsibility of the defense attorney to coordinate and effective defense for the benefit of the client. It is essential that I provide the best defense for the individual person and their specifically tailored needs in life. I will help you by building the best defense that the facts allow. One important aspect of hiring a private attorney is the time they spend listening to your needs, and working to obtain an effective resolution under the circumstances. When these problems arise, it's time to reach out for a helping hand. I handle criminal defense cases on a daily basis, helping people with their issues. Let me help you.