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City of Selma DUI / Traffic Enforcement

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Selma has implemented a plan and procedure to deal with traffic offenses and DUI / Drunk Driving.  One of the strategies  that has been implemented is focusing on Red Light runners and aggressive drivers.  This policy has been very effective, and reduced traffic accidents from running traffic lights by approximately 75%.  

(To see the Selma Traffic Page click the following link) City of Selma Police Department Traffic Services Page

Another practice strategy is using a "hot sheet" to look for drivers with suspended Drivers Licenses or repeat DUI offenders.  Safety is very important, and the City of Selma utilizes their resources, man hours, grants, and equipment to help maintain safety.  However, there is another side to the equation.  The rights of a citizen to be free from unlawful detention, searches, and seizures of their person and/or property.  Using the "hot sheet" to look for certain individuals based upon their prior arrests or convictions may violate their rights.  Selma is a small community, where a person may be recognized by the car their driving, their individual looks, or the officer may know they use their spouses, friends, or parents vehicle, and then perform a stop.  If the so called, "Hot Sheet" is used, a person may be stopped, in reality, not for any violation, but instead because the officer recognized the car, decided to stop it, then came up with a reason.

What happens when the stop is made in reality because the officer believed it was a person on the "Hot Sheet" and then cited another reason?  What if they are wrong and they stop a person who wasn't on the "Hot Sheet" because they used another person's car, or their car resemble the one belonging to a person on the "Hot Sheet"?  The Constitutional infringements can become very severe, intrusive, and illegal.  

Freedoms and Liberty are the foundation of this country.  The Constitution is the "Supreme Law of The Land" and commonly gets trampled upon by well meaning, but overzealous law enforcement officers, policies, and department regulations.  

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