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Man (Did Not) Use a Raccoon to Start his Ignition Interlock Device (IID) equipped Vehicle

Drunk Driving and Raccoons: An unfortunate combination of events

A recent story was circulated about a man using a raccoon to start his vehicle that had been outfitted with an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) due to DUI(s).  The story claims the drunken man left the bar after a night of drinking in excess, and attempted to start his vehicle.  Due to his blood alcohol level he was unable to get the vehicle to start.  

Not one to give up easily, the man did the next logical thing that a drunk would do, he captured a raccoon to assist him in his drunken endeavor.  In the process, he was was somehow able to compel the raccoon to exhale sufficient volume of breath into device, and presto, the car started.

Due to the firm squeezing of the suspect raccoon, the poor animal was rendered unconscious and discarded onto the floorboard of the vehicle.  The raccoon, who soon awakened was none too happy about the abuse he suffered at the hands of the drunken driver, or it was a case of friends don't let friends drink and drive.  Whatever the scenario, the animal took matters into his own hands and launched an assault on the drunk driver, causing an accident.  

Essentially, that is the contents of the fake police report circulating the humorous but untrue story of the raccoon technique of circumventing and Interlock Device.  Drunk Drivers beware, the raccoon's will stop you.

Link to Article: DUI's and Raccoons

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