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I was charged for lying to an officer?  What is VC 31?  How much trouble am I in for a VC 31 charge?  Why am I charged with VC 31?  Why are there two DUI's charged on my ticket? Fresno DUI Lawyer Jonathan Rooker can help answer these questions.  He is an experienced and qualified DUI attorney in Fresno California.  Some common questions are, I was arrested for DUI?  What happens?  Will the DMV take my license?  Will I serve time in Jail? How much are the fines for DUI?  Can I make Payments?  Do I need a lawyer for my DUI?  Will my work find out?  Will I lose my job? How long do I have to to appeal it to the DMV? How do I get my license back after a DUI? Call Fresno DUI lawyer Jonathan Rooker.

What is a VC 31 charge?

That is a common question.  It appears that the Fresno County District Attorney's office will charge a person with a VC 31, very commonly coinciding with a DUI citation and/or DUI charge.  VC 31 is providing false information to an officer.  This can be as simple as not telling the truth about the amount of alcohol consumed prior to being stopped by an officer.  In fact, Fresno Lawyer Jonathan Rooker has noticed the Fresno District Attorney has charged several of his clients with a VC 31 for exactly this reason. The text of the statue is below.

Vehicle Code Section 31: False Information to a Peace Officer

VC 31 No person shall give, either orally or in writing, information to a peace officer while in the performance of his duties under the provisions of this code when such person knows that the information is false.

If you have been charged with a violation of VC 31, you may have questions you would like answered by a lawyer.  Call Fresno Attorney Jonathan Rooker for a free office visit regarding your case.

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