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Fresno DUI Lawyer: What do I do if I get stopped for DUI?

What should I do if I am stopped and a DUI Investigation and/or arrest occurs?  

If you are stopped for driving in Fresno County for suspicion of DUI, politely exercise your right to remain silent.  This is not to say you shouldn't speak to the officer, by all means, you should interact verbally to the necessary extent to be polite, and facilitate the necessary communication to help bring the stop to a conclusion.  But, do not answer the officer's questions about where you've been, where you're going, or what you have been doing that day or night.   The officers ask question, and they are fairly standard questions that routinely assist the officer and district attorney in their attempt to gain a conviction.  In short, they can and will be used against you in court.  If the officers makes the decision to arrest your, insist that your lawyer be present during any questioning, and hire a lawyer with extensive DUI specific education.  Many criminal defense lawyers “do dui's” but few have the extensive education and training to do it right.

Make sure to save all the paperwork the arresting officer or nay other police officer gives you.  They are important documents, especially the pink paper which acts as a temporary drivers license.  You'll want to get your car back from impound as quickly as possible and avoid any unnecessary fees and charges.  It is highly recommended that you go to the DMV and apply for an identification card as soon as possible.

If your car was impounded, get it out of impound as soon a feasible, this helps keep the impound fees down.

Recording you recollections, in detail, by writing them down or typing them is a great idea to assist your DUI Lawyer help present a quality defense.  The sequence of events, times, drinking pattern, and other relevant events can work in your favor.  If you fail to record the events in a timely manner, this could hurt your DUI Defense, because memories fade.  Also, if your remember more facts from the night of the DUI arrest, add to your notes, and inform your DUI Defense Lawyer of these facts.  Some facts that should be recorded are the times, amounts and substances you consumed.  This is very important for establishing a drinking pattern, which may lead to a rising blood alcohol defense to a DUI.

It is also important to hire a DUI Lawyer with extensive DUI specific education and experience to help you with your case.  The sooner your hire the attorney the sooner the lawyer can get started on your case.  This can be important because of the DMV Admin Per Se Hearing, contacting witnesses, and recovering recording from bars, restaurants, ATM's, parking lots or city police that may be used to defend against a DUI Conviction.

Fresno DUI Attorney & ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist
Fresno DUI Attorney & ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist

 DUI Specific Education is important to defend against a DUI Conviction.  Fresno DUI Attorney and ACS CHAL Lawyer Scientist Jonathan Rooker has extensive DUI specific education to help defend you against a DUI charge.

I you need help with a DUI accusation, hire Fresno DUI Attorney Jonathan Rooker to help you.

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