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May 2014 Fresno Felony DUI | Fresno Criminal Defense DUI Attorney

Fresno Felony DUI, Strike Prior, Prison priors:

Prison sentence was stayed, 5 years probation, 90 days AOWP, and various other terms of probation that allow this client to remain employed, and with his family.

Fresno Attorney Jonathan Rooker takes pride in the results of his work.  In Mid May of 2014 Jonathan was facing a tough task.  His client is good person, a great demeanor, father of 5 children, married to a wonderful and strong wife for over a decade.  This client was employed by a small to mid size Fresno based business, owned by married couple who value my client as an employee, and think of his as if they are surrogate parents to him.  They were present at each court date, kept in constant contact with me through several months that the court process took.

There was one issue that made this case so tough to handle.  While my client is truly a good person, caring father, loving husband, and dedicated worker, he does have a lengthy criminal history.  He has 14 prior criminal convictions, some of which include multiple counts and/or charges.  Another issue was his 5 prior DUI's, one of which is a Felony DUI within the 10-year window.  Some convictions are for driving offense such as Driving on a suspended or revoked drivers license, which causes concern for the court.  Others include Receiving stolen property, vehicle theft, drug convictions (6 felonies total).

There are several aspects of this person that stood out.  He was done with alcohol.  He showed that he is good person who makes bad decisions when he drinks.  He isn't violent, mean, or ill-behaved in any way. In fact, he is quite the opposite.  The type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back.  More importantly, he was a person who his rock bottom.  He was done drinking.  Timing was everything.

He entered a rehabilitation program and immediately became a pillar of the program.  His counselors love him, the program supervisor loves him, his wife, his co-workers, employers, his children, even his attorney considers him a lifelong friend.  This client did everything wrong when he was drinking, but after the last incident, did everything right.  The time was now.  The opportunity presented itself, and he seized it.

As an attorney, a member of society, and a lifelong friend from our youth, I am proud that I helped this client stay free of prison, and alcohol.  Even more importantly, I helped keep a family together.  I am proud of judicial system for allowing a Judge to make a Judgement of a person, and act upon it.  I am proud of the Judge for doing so.  I am proud of my client doing everything right.  No one person can take credit for what happened, but the person that did the most right was my client.

Update:  As of June of 2017 the client has excelled in every way.  He is with his family, employed, and sober.  

UPDATE:  2019:  Client finished probation successfully, no alcohol or other substances, great marriage, happy children, and a great friend.

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