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DUI's and the Hollidays

DUI - Don't finish 2020 with DUI

2020 has been one of the most unique years in history.  The pandemic has caused several changes in the legal system, much as it has caused difficulties in our lives.  Earlier in 2020, several law enforcement officers mentioned that there are very few people out driving around.  However, the ones who are driving, seem to be drunk.  The courts have routinely continued cases without notice to the defendant, causing them to be uninformed of their court dates and locations.  This can lead to failures to appear, and warrants for their arrest.

Courts have closed, opened, and readjusted to using digital means.  This includes live streaming over the Youtube, zoom, or other digital mediums to conduct court with less risk.  Many courts are allowing attorneys to appear on behalf of their clients, over zoom, and conduct the hearings.  This has lead to confusion within the court system, and with defendants trying navigate the new issues involved in court appearances with ever changing rules.

Now, with all the other difficulties we have to deal with over the holidays, we don't need court issues on top of them.  Holidays are traditionally stressful times for people.  However, the pandemic, social distancing, government shutdown orders, Financial burdens, along with the politically divided times have lead to even more stress.  People under increased stress can choose to turn to substances such as alcohol.  This can lead to health problems, marital, and employment difficulties.  Each of these factors can lead to increased stress, depression, and substance use.

With all the other factors affecting us, we don't need the added stress of a DUI.  If you do find yourself accused of a DUI, I can help.  I can contact the DMV and set a hearing, appear and defend you in court, and keep track of the case through the court process.  You will have someone to contact, ask questions and get answers.  I cannot remove all of the stress of criminal accusations, but I can help

If you find yourself accused of a DUI or other criminal charges, call me.  I am here to help.

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