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Penal Code Section 187. Murder:  Jonathan was hired to represent an individual that was arrested for Murder, while on Felony Probation.  Due to the facts and circumstances, the client was able to avoid having charges pressed against him for the murder, and released from County Jail that day.  His client was actually able to be home before Mr. Rooker was off work that night.

I was hired on a Fresno homicide case that involved the shooting of two individuals. A strong defense was presented at preliminary hearing that separate individual had actually committed the crime.  Bullets consistent with those found in the body, drugs consistent with those found in the victims home, text messages showing he was in the area at the time of the crime, family and gang disputes in the past, a likely retaliation killing of the individuals father which left the person I believe committed the crime injured, and a documented exchange between the victim and that individual in the parole office the day of the killing. When the trial was approaching (I was no longer on the case, but in large part due to my work) the case was dismissed.  The family called and thanked me one he was home, free of charges.

In September of 2015 Jonathan conducted a special circumstances homicide preliminary hearing in Kings County that consisted of accusations of Murder by poison substance.  He made excellent use of toxicology expertise to cross exam the states pathologist, locate a forensic pathologist for the defense, and question the Dr. on the witness stand.

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