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The Fresno County District Attorneys office files criminal charges against people for theft crimes on a regular basis.  Like many communities, Fresno has petty theft, burglary, home invasion Robbery, and a high rate of grand theft auto cases.  The unique aspect of the valley, mostly in the Fresno, Madera, Tulare, and Kings County area is the significant number of rural, and/or agricultural crimes.  Copper wife theft from wells and pumps in the outlying regions result in significant number of cases.

Like other counties, Fresno County has set up an Ag Task Force specifically to to a apprehend people suspected of Ag related crimes.  Tulare County, and the Visalia are area also have vast acreage of farm land, and similar theft related crimes.

Petty Theft cases may seem minor, but they carry a "moral Turpitude" aspect that can hinder employment opportunities.  Hiring and experienced lawyer can help you maintain your viability in the employment market by keeping your record clean.  In Fresno County, there is a program that allows an accused first time petty theft  offender to participate in the Petty Theft Diversion Program, and maintain a clean criminal history.  There are certain terms and conditions on eligibility.  Hire and experienced attorney so they can evaluate your case and see if you can avail yourself of the program.

Burglary is a serious crime, it can even be a strike.  If you have been accused of a burglary or theft related crime you should be aware of the consequences of a conviction.  Moral Turpitude is always an issue with any theft related crime.  To best understand your rights, evaluate your case, and make competent decision you should discuss your case with a qualified attorney who understands your situation in life as well as the case.

Robbery is a violent crime that occurs regularly in the Fresno area and surrounding counties. Robbery is a strike, and cloud a person's future and result in serious prison time.  If you have been accused, cited, charged, or arrested for robbery, you should have an experienced attorney evaluate your case and explain your legal situation to you.

Fresno is consistently among the leaders in eh nation for auto theft.  As an criminal defense lawyer in Fresno County Attorney Rooker handles auto theft cases on a regular basis.  One aspect of criminal defense practice that stands true, is no two cases are the same.  Each criminal allegation has its own fact pattern, each defendant has his own factual situation.  Fresno criminal defense attorney Jonathan Rooker can evaluate your case, consider your own personal needs for the outcome, and work with you toward the goal that best suits your needs in life.

Fresno has a fairly new trend with the increasing regularity of home invasion robberies.  These crimes are prosecuted harshly, and serious prison time often results from these accusation. If you are accused of Home invasion robbery you should consider having an experienced lawyer evaluate your case and advise you on your rights and how to proceed with your case.

Scrapping, or turning in scrap metal for money has been a source of income, an environmentally friendly behavior for decades.  It is highly encouraged as a society, but more recently due to a few abuses within the system, people have been charged with crimes when turning in scrap metal for recycling.  This trend is growing rapidly. Many times the metal was obtained legally, or discarded by others, and the person cited or arrested for turning in scrap metal was not aware it was stolen.  If you have been cited or arrested for recycling scrap metal, call experienced criminal defense attorney to have the facts of your case reviewed, and receive proper legal counseling on how to proceed with you charges.

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