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PC 205 Aggravated Mayhem

PC 205 Aggravated Mayhem

A person is guilty of aggravated mayhem when he or she unlawfully, under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the physical or psychological well-being of another person, intentionally causes permanent disability or disfigurement of another  human being or deprives a human being of limb, organ, or member of his or her body.  For purposes of this section, it is not necessary to prove an intent to kill. Aggravated mayhem is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for life with the possibility of parole.

Elements of Aggravated Mayhem:

1. Defendant intentionally caused permanent disability or disfigurement of a person or deprived a person of a limb, organ, or member of his or her body.

2. Defendant acted unlawfully and under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the physical or psychological well being of another person.

Can I go to prison if I'm convicted of Aggravated Mayhem?

Yes, in fact the sentence could be as long as life in prison.  However, if a grant of probation is given, it could be as long as 1 year in county jail.  Aggravated mayhem is a strike, super strike, eligible to be counted as a 3rd strike,  and is considered both a serious and violent felony.

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