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Posted by Jonathan E. Rooker | Feb 09, 2018 | 0 Comments

Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker: St. Patrick's Day Interview on The Central Valley Buzz!

 Fresno Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney Jonathan Rooker discusses relevant law related topics on the Television Show "The Central Valley Buzz" with host Chuck Leonard.  There are several topics that were key to making the appearance on St. Patty's day.  First, to let public know they need to be aware of drunk driving, or DUI related problems.  I encourange everyone to stay safe.  Further, to reming people that drinking alcohol and social gatherings can lead to other issues, such as fights, assault, Battery, or domestic violence.  None of these problems are anything a good person wants or needs in their life.  Like I've said many times, I do not defend drunk drivers, wife beaters, or criminals . . . I defend good people who are suffering through a tough time in their life.  

Another reason is to let the legal community and pubic know that I've reached a level of education where the DMV has again found me qualified to testify as an expert witness on alcohol and the human body.  Very few lawyers ever testify as an expert, in part because they cannot qualify.  It has taken 10's of thousands of dollars for multiple years along with hard work and dedication reach this level of expertise.  Hard work pays off. I want to be the best DUI attorney and Expert in Country, and this education goes toward that goal.

Selma Criminal Defense Attorney | Selma DUI Attorney | Selma Domestic Violence Attorney: One of the towns I have spent a lot of time in growing and and working as an adult is Selma.  I feel a connection to Selma, and enjoy the dinning establishments, movie theatre, and even shop in Selma.  Helping the hometown residents with their legal needs is an important service that I provide.

Kingsburg Criminal Defense Attorney | Kingsburg DUI Attorney | Kingsburg Domestic Violence Attorney:  Having spent many years in Kingsgburg I have grown fond of the restaurants, wine tasteing, and even the stores in the small town.  I have also come to love the people of Kingsburg, the Sweedish Village image, and the close knit small town feeling.  I enjoy helping people, especially the citizens of the town I have such close ties to.

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