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Criminal Defense is about helping good people, that is what I do." Jonathan Rooker
"Criminal Defense is about helping good people, that is what I do." Jonathan Rooker

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney- Are you Charged with Domestic Violence in Fresno?

Domestic violence is a serious accusation.  Prosecution for domestic violence has increased, in large part due to awareness, grants, and special prosecution funding set aside to prosecute Domestic Violence, even when the parties do not want any prosecution to take place.  While keeping family secrets, such as in home violence, child abuse, and battery of a spouse was once the norm, the tide of public opinion has changed, especially following the O.J. Simpson / Nicole Brown Simpson Domestic Violence accusations that took place during the O.J. Simpson trial.

Now, family members are using the police, and prosecution to punish innocent family members even when no abuse has occurred. If you are convicted to domestic violence, you could be subjected to severe penalties and a restraining order.  The restraining order may interfere with your right to see your children, own or possess firearms, and numerous other legal and social repercussions.

If you are charged with Domestic Violence you need to consult with a Fresno Criminal Defense lawyer to help you. Fighting for your rights, and your right to see your children, remain in your home, and continue to live your life with the least interference possible from the courts and police is important.  Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker can help you with your case. Mr. Rooker can help you with your case from date of incident, arraignment, and if necessary, trial.  Contact our office for a free consultation with your domestic violence situation.

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Jonathan Rooker can help you, when you need it most. The road to justice may sometimes be a long road, but it is a worth fighting for. Don't try to handle a criminal allegation without first consulting and educated experienced attorney to see if they can help and/or advise you on the best defense.

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"Criminal defense is about helping good people, that is what I do." Jonathan Rooker

Experienced Fresno and Madera County Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker understands the needs of each client are quite unique to each individual client. Some clients are looking to keep their drivers license, others are looking to avoid long periods of incarceration. Many times pride and principles are cited for the client's motivation to achieve a particular resolution to their case. Many clients just want to put their life, family, and career back together. It is the responsibility of the defense attorney to coordinate and effective defense for the benefit of the client. It is essential that I provide the best defense for the individual person and their specifically tailored needs in life. I will help you by building the best defense that the facts allow. One important aspect of hiring a private attorney is the time they spend listening to your needs, and working to obtain an effective resolution under the circumstances. When these problems arise, it's time to reach out for a helping hand. I handle criminal defense cases on a daily basis, helping people with their issues. Let me help you.