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On the Recent Criminal Activity in Kingsburg

Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker knows Kingsburg has had a reputation for very low crime rates, a fun place to live, and small Swedish Village environment.  However, crime is a rising concern for the small city that had long boasted of almost non-existent crime rates.  New police chief Neil Dadian recently addressed the community regarding and interactive approach with the citizens to help reduce criminal activity within the city.

The new chief noted that two series of burglaries had occurred in Kingsburg recently with some on the North, and others on the South side of town. Police operations have launched an overt along with a covert plan to help bring the burglars to justice and reduce the crime.  Several online social media outlets like "Kingsburg Friends" on Facebook have also helped by alerting citizens on what to watch for and encouraging them to report suspicious activity.

No charges have been filed against any suspects at this point, but the Chief is hopeful that Forensic evidence will be fruitful in making an arrest and proceeding with charges against the individuals involved.

Kingsburg PD routinely published the names of individuals arrested and crimes online, with Burglary, Possession of Narcotics, DUI / DWI, Domestic Violence, and disorderly conduct are among the most common criminal allegations.

I would suggest that Kingsburg be proactive by installing cameras at each entry and exit point of the town, along with key locations within.  Also, with the relatively small area to be covered, along with the isolated nature of these recent burglaries, a drone aircraft outfitted with camera's could be a crucial step.  While Drones can cost several hundred thousand dollars they can also be surprisingly affordable. Police Drones outfitted with surveillance cameras can cost Less than $50,000, which is below the average cost of a police cruiser fully outfitted.

This would be both a crucial tool to help catch crime that has occurred, and a critical deterrent for criminal to operate within the City of Kingsburg.  

To see the article click the following Link: Kingsburg Crime - A Series of Burglaries

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