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Fresno High Teacher Arrested on Sex with student

Posted by Jonathan Rooker | Nov 05, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fresno High School Teacher Arrested on Sex Charge:

A 46 year-old teacher at Fresno High School was arrested on multiple sex related charges.  The allegations are that the teacher was having a sexual relationship with a high school girl over a period of time.  Further, it is alleged that the crimes began at a time prior to the student turning 16-years of age.  That, combined with an age difference between the victim and alleged perpetrator of greater than 3-years adds to the severity of the charges.

Teacher arrested for sex with student
Fresno High School Teacher Arrested for Criminal Sex Allegations

The article also tells us that the teacher was in an alternative rock band.  Fresno High School administrators indicated that that Darren Klassen, the instructor, was placed on administrative leave.  Further, following his arrest Mr. Klassen was released on $80,000 bail.

The sexual relationship was reported by the parents of the victim, who graduated from Fresno High School in the Spring.  It was reported that the relationship started when she was 15 years-old, and continued until she broke it off more recently.   At some point the female victim was a student in Mr. Klassen's class, although the article was not clear exactly when.

Fresno High School Teacher Arrested on Sex Charges: Link To Article

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