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Fresno Defense Attorney Attended The National Forensic Science College | Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney | Fresno DUI Defense Attorney

Posted by Jonathan Rooker | Sep 04, 2017 | 0 Comments


Fresno Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney Jonathan Rooker recently attended the 2016 National Forensic Science College at the Cardozo School of Law in New York.  Barry Scheck, of the OJ Simpson Dream Team, who was the resident DNA and Forensic Science guru of the Dream Team and the "Innocence Project" which has freed many innocent people from false conviction.  Mr. Scheck spearheads a National Forensic Science College, and is a leading advocate of using science to defend those accused of crimes which they did not commit.

Fresno Attorney Uses Science to Defend the accused
Forensic Science and using science to improve Criminal Defense

While the college is designed to assist mainly with indigent defense, Mr. Rooker has a strong scientific background in forensic science, has taught about science multiple times, including at the Tulare County Public Defenders Office, Fresno County Public Defenders, and assisted many attorneys with individual cases, along with testifying at the DMV, Tulare County Superior Court, and Madera County Superior Court as an expert witness.

For the above reasons, Jonathan Rooker was one of only 20 PRIVATE ATTORNEYS whose application was approved to attend this seminar.  It was a true honor.

I commonly use my Forensic Science education to assist in cases.  It can help with accident reconstruction, crime scene reconstruction, Toxicology in cases such as homicide, DUI, or poisonings.  

There are many aspects of forensic that are important, and the Criminal Defense world was truly opened to the concept following the OJ Simpson trial.  Since that landmark victory where Mr. Scheck and the Dream Team held the State's experts and laboratories to the task of proving their methods work, they followed the methods, and there was no contamination in the sample.  Since that time many labs have been closed down, experts have been caught fabricating evidence, and crucial errors in methods and procedures are being discovered daily.

Fresno Criminal Defense & DUI Defense Attorney

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